A C# library for interacting with the 0bsNetwork blockchain

Supports node interaction, offline transaction signing, Matcher orders, and creating addresses and keys.

Getting Started

Include the project in your project, and Add a Reference

using ZbsCS;

For installation via UI Package Manager use this instruction.

Target framework .NET Framework 4.5.1


The library utilizes classes to represent various Zbs data structures and encoding and serialization methods:

  • ZbsCS.Node
  • ZbsCS.Order
  • ZbsCS.OrderBook
  • ZbsCS.PrivateKeyAccount
  • ZbsCS.Transaction
  • ZbsCS.AddressEncoding
  • ZbsCS.Base58
  • ZbsCS.Utils

Code Example

Code examples are in ZbsCSTests project and Examples page.

Source code

[ZbsCS Github repository](https://github.com/0bsnetwork/ZbsCS