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Smart Contract

1. Creating and deploying a script manually

The idea of a Smart Account is the following:

Before the transaction is submitted to be included in the next block, the account checks if the transaction meets certain requirements, defined in a script. The script is attached to the account so the account can validate every transaction before confirming it.

In this example, we're going to create and deploy a simple 2 of 2 MultiSig example.

Example Assumptions:

  1. We assume that we have our own node.
  2. We want to set up a script for an account in order to implement the smart account idea.
  3. we assume that we have three generated addresses:

3MxjWXEUcVCeiaEUqNcorB5HxSpLsgJCGxE - Alice's account.

3MqGVvfgqdqqU6P9mTAsLSxyRoRjrHF18Mf - Bob's account.

3N7H4jTBMKtZfNCY86K2ND1rWcvFsGjDT3X - Shared account.

1.1 How to Create a script

The idea here is to create a script and attach it to the account so this account can :

  1. Check if the transaction meets certain requirements which is defined in the script.
  2. Validate the transaction.
  3. Confirm the transaction and broadcast it to the blockchain network.

Now let's Start our 2 of 2 MultiSig Example:

  1. Use our IDE to write your script (you can find some script examples there)
  2. For this example we will use the following script: In the first two lines, we defined 2 public keys encoded in base58 for both alice and bob. After that, users gather 2 public keys in proofs[0] and proofs[1]. The account is funded by the team members and after that, when 2 of 3 team members decide to spend money, they provide their signatures in a single transaction. The Smart account script, using sigVerify function, validates these signatures with proofs and if 2 of 2 are valid then the transaction is valid too, else the transaction does not pass to the blockchain.
let alicePubKey  = base58'Ey6Z9XkWsvG8JZwyxhkTjydRcGp1wg6rbC3AYcxq7Efr'
let bobPubKey    = base58'5PvhyouzHn2Pcev56oBvwpnsGK5fEu1dA8fM2nJQM4HR'

let aliceSigned  = if(sigVerify(tx.bodyBytes, tx.proofs[0], alicePubKey)) then 1 else 0
let bobSigned    = if(sigVerify(tx.bodyBytes, tx.proofs[1], bobPubKey  )) then 1 else 0
aliceSigned + bobSigned == 2
  1. Switch to the BINARY tab.

  2. Click on COPY TO CLIPBOARD button. A compiled Base64-encoded script should be copied into your clipboard as shown below (this step will be required later).


1.2 Attaching a script to account

  1. Now let's prepare a JSON request to sign a SetScriptTransaction for the shared account with a given script:

{ "type": 13, "version": 1, "sender": "3N7H4jTBMKtZfNCY86K2ND1rWcvFsGjDT3X", "fee": 1000000000, "script": "<script>`" }

  1. Send it to [/transactions/sign]:

$ curl -X POST --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --header 'Accept: application/json' \ --header 'X-API-Key: <it is a secret>' \ -d '{ "type": 13, "version": 1, "sender": "3N7H4jTBMKtZfNCY86K2ND1rWcvFsGjDT3X", "fee": 100000, \ "script": "<script>" }' 'https://nodeaddress/transactions/sign'

and receive a JSON ready to broadcast:

{ "type": 13, "id": "8w7yauNiENsJP8oDUpVEfiAzyEzMKoXbJEqS26Ht99mg", "sender": "3N7H4jTBMKtZfNCY86K2ND1rWcvFsGjDT3X", "senderPublicKey": "66xdGznqt2AVLMZRHme9vFPC6cvN4yV95wRWPfTus3Qe", "fee": 100000, "timestamp": 1525797758819, "proofs": [ "4Ro4e4UrsVkaFbHtu96qZwHAdf8N4TtpjSGik9kRusmmYKCxicdsEqcgQrYden36nurqhY9EBkTKwD499kAi5rxe" ], "version": 1, "script": "<script>" }

  1. Then we [broadcast] a prepared request:

$ curl -X POST --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --header 'Accept: application/json' \ --header 'X-API-Key: <it is a secret>' \ -d '{ "type": 13, "id": "8w7yauNiENsJP8oDUpVEfiAzyEzMKoXbJEqS26Ht99mg", "sender": "3N7H4jTBMKtZfNCY86K2ND1rWcvFsGjDT3X", \ "senderPublicKey": "66xdGznqt2AVLMZRHme9vFPC6cvN4yV95wRWPfTus3Qe", "fee": 100000, "timestamp": 1525797758819, \ "proofs": [ "4Ro4e4UrsVkaFbHtu96qZwHAdf8N4TtpjSGik9kRusmmYKCxicdsEqcgQrYden36nurqhY9EBkTKwD499kAi5rxe" ], \ "version": 1, "script": "<script>" }' \ 'https://example.org/transactions/broadcast'

  1. And check it was applied:

$ curl http://example.org/addresses/scriptInfo/3N7H4jTBMKtZfNCY86K2ND1rWcvFsGjDT3X { "address" : "3N7H4jTBMKtZfNCY86K2ND1rWcvFsGjDT3X", "script" : "<script>", "scriptText" : "<scriptText>", "complexity" : 27, "extraFee" : 400000 }

where <scriptText> is a String representation of compiled <script> (expression tree)

Fine! Now we able to make transfers from this account.